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Another day closer to being a jockey-Oct. 12, 2011
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   Hi, everyone! Things have been going just as planned this past week! Nothing really hasn't worked out in my favor, I have lost another 3 pounds! That's another goal that has been reached, plus I can tell my core is getting firmer and more definite. I can see why they say jockeys are the most fittest athletes! I'm not even a jockey yet and I'm fit, so just imagine how much more fit I will be when I start riding the thoroughbreds. :) Kickboxing has been helping a tremendous load with building more strength up in my leg and hip area. There isn't a day that goes by that there isn't a bruise on my legs, lol. Also, the zumba instructor for class, is going to be certified for toning, that will help build more lean muscle. Much more to come, because the week at the gym has just started. I will more than likely go to the gym today, and work on some cardio/core workouts.
   School wise--Everything is going smooth! I am finishing up my 2nd quarters work today. I am 1 quarter ahead than every one else and still making straight A's! I'm proud of myself for the things I am achieving in school. Thursday my sister and I have to go t Cullman, Alabama, to get my 3rd quarters work. So, in 2 months I will be a junior! It all feels like it is going by so fast from doing double sometimes triple the amount of school work I am supposed to be doing. It will all pay off in the long run though, people will look highly on someone that tries their hardest in education. When I enter my junior year in December, I am going to begin studying for the ACT, take a couple months to study for it, then when I am confident I will take it. Kentucky and NARA is getting closer and closer, patience is the key though.. I'm just ready to go achieve my goals and earn what I want. It's like this brain is programmed to 1. School 2. Staying fit/working towards being a jockey 3. Boyfriend (Allen)/Family 4. Getting what I have to get done.

Things will all fall into place! I keep telling myself that :)

  Daisy's training--She has made so much improvement! She just isn't fond of anyone but me riding her, she will have to move past that phase. The other day, a couple friends were over, and we tacked her up and rode. She cooperated a little better with someone else on her, which is a start, but still is doing 10 times better with me in the saddle. Can anyone give me advice on how to get her more comfortable with other riders, too? Or, is this something that it's just her and will take time for her to gain confidence in other riders besides me? Also, I have noticed she does even better when it is just her and one else around. For instance, the other day everyone was gone to town, and I got the notion to want to ride. I went and got all the tack, then brought her up and tacked her up..we went to the pasture and she was a total DREAM! That was the best ride I have had on her, and then I rode her once again with a couple people around, and she wasn't as confident herself. It will take time, but I know when she is done with training she will make an experienced rider a great potential work horse. Time and patience with good training will tell :)

   Well, I have got to go feed my husky and horses, I hope everyone is having a great day! If anyone has any advice on how I can fix these couple problems with Daisy's training(I've never dealt with a horse that does great with just one rider and skittish with others), please comment and say what's on your mind! I am willing to try anything that is not harmful to the horse :) Thanks for reading this weeks blog!


--Michaela Ann Heair

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