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Hi there new Thoroughbred Racing ,FB Friend  It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm an administrator & the creator of  "Thoroughbred Horse Racing" on FLICKR, YOUTUBE & FB with over 23,000 pictures from around the world, more pictures added hourly, of life from different tracks all over the World, of people, their Race horses, and their lives creating incredible possibilities, as we've seen as of late With the likes of Barbaro, Rachel Alexandra, and of course Zenyatta. All have been documented very well, and many pictures here and elsewhere will forever recapture our memories for us and create social and regional playground that we may all Participate in ,for and with the  generations of great horses,and fantastic people that dedicate there lives,knowledge at very great risk ,with A game where 90% wont do, And 10% is tough to earn, There is a very long history and tradition. And , I created the page with the belief that it is as close  as possibly be of seeing of a type of evolving  HISTORY TIME MACHINE as many thousands of pictures,Video's,Blogs,Websites,Ect.., We as a group of individuals  can create and post uncountable tiny milliseconds of our live's  a very brief moment in  time , a photo that none of us were aware of or may never have been able to imagine or dream,,and it is a repository,,,to store HISTORY hopefully forever and may many future  generations of thoroughbred racing fans. This is for all of us to enjoy and remember OUR life as a memory of pictures doing what we all love and live for every day. Besides you never have to really retire in racing you just find different avenues to discover, of course great wonderful generous people like our Small Following post great pictures for the rest of us Thoroughbred Horse Racing Owner's,Trainer's,Grooms,Artist,fans,to visit from time to time To see the very best and the biggest picture collection .Please Show us what you have done ,are doing , or have dreams of. All racing related stuff accepted please take a moment of your live to enjoy and maybe join the #3 groups and post your stable or favorite  horse pictures,links ,,Ect All are more than welcome. Enjoy. 
1,The Thoroughbred Horse Racing Group and 2, The FanPage are different but join both on Facebook  (links are on my profile page), And on My Webpage link below as well as the Flickr .photo group. I look forward to chatting as FB friends.... and see your great photos on thoroughbred horse racing related anything ?
I personaly  use ...www.cooliris.com... a real great web browser plugin is my favorite and best way  way to view this groups massive amount of photos
"Racehorses in the PROPER HANDS isn't EXPENSIVE,,its PRICELESS" 
Sincerely James Wood ,,AKA Banamine on the web   Careful custodian of one of lives greatest treasures thoroughbred horse racing. 


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