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Another day closer to being a jockey- Dec. 15, 2011
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     Hi everyone! I know it has been way too long, but I have a perfect explanation! Well, I was living with my sister in Jasper, Alabama, but things with her went downhill, so I moved back to Mom's. She doesn't have internet access, so for the past almost 2 months I haven't been able to get on here. I have to say, ever since I have been back, things have been great! I'm so happy now. All the members of JW have got to catch up with me, and let me know how you all have been doing! It feels like it has been forever. I'll let you in on how things have been going on this side of the woods lately.

     Recently, things have been going really well. Ofcourse, I am still working out and heading towards being a jockey! I still weigh 108 pounds, but heading towards 105! I'm soon going to be sending out my application for NARA, which is soooo exciting! I have a great feeling, who knows maybe it will prove to be right :) It's starting to hit Mom though, and she is letting it show. She is terrified that her baby girl is going to get hurt one of these days. Atleast, she is still just as supportive as anyone else! It makes me feel great to know she just wants what makes me happy, and what I have the drive and passion for every day. It shows she cares for my well being and emotional health...On the other hand, there is sooo much horse racing to catch up on! Everyone is talking about the Eclipse award now! :) and horse of the year! What about Killer Grace in the Hollywood Starlet?! WOW, weird thing is I was watching HRTV a couple days before the race, and 2 of the analysts were having an argument over her lol :) She proved em' wrong!

    Hopefully, things will gradually get back to where I can update these blogs once to two times a week like I was. We will see :)  

Thoroughbred Horse Racing
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Hi there new Thoroughbred Racing ,FB Friend  It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm an administrator & the creator of  "Thoroughbred Horse Racing" on FLICKR, YOUTUBE & FB with over 23,000 pictures from around the world, more pictures added hourly, of life from different tracks all over the World, of people, their Race horses, and their lives creating incredible possibilities, as we've seen as of late With the likes of Barbaro, Rachel Alexandra, and of course Zenyatta. All have been documented very well, and many pictures here and elsewhere will forever recapture our memories for us and create social and regional playground that we may all Participate in ,for and with the  generations of great horses,and fantastic people that dedicate there lives,knowledge at very great risk ,with A game where 90% wont do, And 10% is tough to earn, There is a very long history and tradition. And , I created the page with the belief that it is as close  as possibly be of seeing of a type of evolving  HISTORY TIME MACHINE as many thousands of pictures,Video's,Blogs,Websites,Ect.., We as a group of individuals  can create and post uncountable tiny milliseconds of our live's  a very brief moment in  time , a photo that none of us were aware of or may never have been able to imagine or dream,,and it is a repository,,,to store HISTORY hopefully forever and may many future  generations of thoroughbred racing fans. This is for all of us to enjoy and remember OUR life as a memory of pictures doing what we all love and live for every day. Besides you never have to really retire in racing you just find different avenues to discover, of course great wonderful generous people like our Small Following post great pictures for the rest of us Thoroughbred Horse Racing Owner's,Trainer's,Grooms,Artist,fans,to visit from time to time To see the very best and the biggest picture collection .Please Show us what you have done ,are doing , or have dreams of. All racing related stuff accepted please take a moment of your live to enjoy and maybe join the #3 groups and post your stable or favorite  horse pictures,links ,,Ect All are more than welcome. Enjoy. 
1,The Thoroughbred Horse Racing Group and 2, The FanPage are different but join both on Facebook  (links are on my profile page), And on My Webpage link below as well as the Flickr .photo group. I look forward to chatting as FB friends.... and see your great photos on thoroughbred horse racing related anything ?
I personaly  use ...www.cooliris.com... a real great web browser plugin is my favorite and best way  way to view this groups massive amount of photos
"Racehorses in the PROPER HANDS isn't EXPENSIVE,,its PRICELESS" 
Sincerely James Wood ,,AKA Banamine on the web   Careful custodian of one of lives greatest treasures thoroughbred horse racing. 


Another day closer to being a jockey-Oct. 12, 2011
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   Hi, everyone! Things have been going just as planned this past week! Nothing really hasn't worked out in my favor, I have lost another 3 pounds! That's another goal that has been reached, plus I can tell my core is getting firmer and more definite. I can see why they say jockeys are the most fittest athletes! I'm not even a jockey yet and I'm fit, so just imagine how much more fit I will be when I start riding the thoroughbreds. :) Kickboxing has been helping a tremendous load with building more strength up in my leg and hip area. There isn't a day that goes by that there isn't a bruise on my legs, lol. Also, the zumba instructor for class, is going to be certified for toning, that will help build more lean muscle. Much more to come, because the week at the gym has just started. I will more than likely go to the gym today, and work on some cardio/core workouts.
   School wise--Everything is going smooth! I am finishing up my 2nd quarters work today. I am 1 quarter ahead than every one else and still making straight A's! I'm proud of myself for the things I am achieving in school. Thursday my sister and I have to go t Cullman, Alabama, to get my 3rd quarters work. So, in 2 months I will be a junior! It all feels like it is going by so fast from doing double sometimes triple the amount of school work I am supposed to be doing. It will all pay off in the long run though, people will look highly on someone that tries their hardest in education. When I enter my junior year in December, I am going to begin studying for the ACT, take a couple months to study for it, then when I am confident I will take it. Kentucky and NARA is getting closer and closer, patience is the key though.. I'm just ready to go achieve my goals and earn what I want. It's like this brain is programmed to 1. School 2. Staying fit/working towards being a jockey 3. Boyfriend (Allen)/Family 4. Getting what I have to get done.

Things will all fall into place! I keep telling myself that :)

  Daisy's training--She has made so much improvement! She just isn't fond of anyone but me riding her, she will have to move past that phase. The other day, a couple friends were over, and we tacked her up and rode. She cooperated a little better with someone else on her, which is a start, but still is doing 10 times better with me in the saddle. Can anyone give me advice on how to get her more comfortable with other riders, too? Or, is this something that it's just her and will take time for her to gain confidence in other riders besides me? Also, I have noticed she does even better when it is just her and me..no one else around. For instance, the other day everyone was gone to town, and I got the notion to want to ride. I went and got all the tack, then brought her up and tacked her up..we went to the pasture and she was a total DREAM! That was the best ride I have had on her, and then I rode her once again with a couple people around, and she wasn't as confident herself. It will take time, but I know when she is done with training she will make an experienced rider a great potential work horse. Time and patience with good training will tell :)

   Well, I have got to go feed my husky and horses, I hope everyone is having a great day! If anyone has any advice on how I can fix these couple problems with Daisy's training(I've never dealt with a horse that does great with just one rider and skittish with others), please comment and say what's on your mind! I am willing to try anything that is not harmful to the horse :) Thanks for reading this weeks blog!


--Michaela Ann Heair

The Life of a Future 5'8 Horse Jockey & Other Adventures
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After spending my weekend with my horses, I finally have some time to sit down and type out another blog entry. (At last!) Yesterday I rode Adam through the trail in the pasture woods. We worked on stepping over obstacles such as stacked branches and poles first, then popped over small jumps after that. I couldn't believe how well we worked! Eventually I hope to train him to jump through the trail at a gallop just like a steeplechase. :) 

When not riding I continue to exercise -running and some weight lifting. Currently my weight sits just right (approx. 107.5-109) and is expected to decline to 105.5 once track season starts in the spring. Then I will have a better opportunity to work out and performance in track meets will motivate me even more. In addition I am trying to eat more greens in my diet starting with lettuce. I feel this is difficult for me because while growing up I never liked to eat fruits or vegetables (except for corn and potatoes). Fortunately I can tolerate apples and lettuce, so at least I have a starting point. If anyone has any tips on this I would appreciate them! 


Another day closer to being a jockey-Oct. 3, 2011
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Tags: experiences passion horse racing jockey work out love Michaela Heair horse life run

      Hey Y'all! Wow, it feels so long since I have written a blog, maybe it's because it has been a while! lol :) How has everyone been doing? I hope y'all have been doing great, I know I have been. Once again, focusing on this high school. I'm supposed to be getting some of my last work in the mail, in the next couple of days. I've been thinking I'm going to take a couple days off of school, so I can catch up on all the horse racing I've been missing. The only recent news I have heard of lately has been that Cape Blanco retired with an injury, and that Goldikova pulled up short in a race. I'm sure there is much more to know than that, though! As you all can tell, I have a lot of catching up to do. Believe it, I feel like I'm in a world where only school work exists lol. I'll stay up tonight and hit up Thoroughbred Times, and get to reading and watching replays of races :) Gotta do it while I have a chance, you know? Ohhh Yeah, guess what!! Wait for it.....wait for it......Tomorrow at 9 a.m I'm going to start volunteering at the animal shelter here in town. They are being over run with animals now, so they need all the help they can get. Anything to help people and especially animals.

     I haven't been able to do too much this week, besides work out and minor other things. Last night, Allen and I went out and ate, so that was nice to not have to be staring at a text book for hours. :) Ofcourse, I'm still doing zumba, bootcamp, and kickboxing. Actually tonight, in about 4 hours, I have zumba and kickboxing in a row. I have noticed that kickboxing has made my reflexes a lot better when people are just joking around and poking me or something. They can barely get their hands past mine, lol :) I'm sure good reflexes will help with being a jockey. I actually had a dream about NARA just the other night. I have to say it was one of the best dreams a future jock could have! Hopefully NARA is just as good as this dream was, bet it will be :) Also, I've lost about another 5 pounds, slowly but surely getting there! I weight about 110 now. Which, I've also gained like 2 pounds in muscle weight to keep it balanced out, gotta have the strength too, but I'm being very cautious about lifting weights and everything, can't let muscle weight ruin my chances. I don't see anything ruining it though, I stay on top of everything very well. For example, I'm eating a bowl of butter beans right now for a quick snack and some water :p

      Well, that is just about it for this past week, like I said, not much has been going on. Just the same old stuff, working out, school work, baby sitting, more working out, and more MORE school work lol :) You all have a nice week, and if anyone wants to share anything don't be afraid to comment!


--Michaela Ann Heair

Another day closer to being a jockey-Sept. 20, 2011
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Tags: experiences passion horse racing jockey work out love Michaela Heair horse life run

    Ahhh! Sorry there have been no recent blogs in the last week! I have been so busy with school work, and staying caught up with everything in horse racing, it is unreal. Not to mention, there is still loads more that has to be done in a short amount of time. All will go well, though :)

    Ofcourse, I have been spending all my free time at the gym, as always! A few minutes ago, I got back from zumba and bootcamp. Last night was kickboxing, I can see how it is helping keep the strength in my legs. Trust me, there are bruises and sore spots everywhere! No pain No gain :) The good thing is, the after work out meal! As of right now, I am eating some savory chicken and veggie soup. It can't get any better than that. I stepped on the scale tonight, it said exactly 115 on the dot, so for right now that is fine. As long as I keep it ranging within 2 pounds of that. In the next few months, I will start dropping more weight to get about 108-105, NARA wouldn't have a problem in the world with that.

    This last week has consisted of me being at the gym, baby sitting, doing schoolwork, and I started training the horse for my friend. So every day I have been working with the filly, she is doing really well. The first time I rode her, she bolted with the reins from my hands, and galloped down the highway. That was no fun, plus, she nearly took a plummet down the shoulder of the road, that could have very well put her and me in severe condition. Luckily, we got her under control, and she is calming down under the saddle now. A couple of months should be good for her, she is a rather gentle horse, just requires an experienced rider. I rode her again the day before yesterday, and she done great, but it is not nearly over yet. She is still fighting the bit, so that will change, and she is a pain tacking up. Daisy is getting more used to the saddle every day that passes. Next week, I will focus more on getting her acquainted to the pressure of the bit, which will be the tricky part. I will keep everyone posted on her progress though!

    Now, lets talk school, I just started my second quarter ALREADY! Within a month of school :) Now bragging at all, but I am proud of myself, these goals are going to happen, and everything is falling into place right now. I just cannot wait for college, but don't want to rush life either, I'm just anxious to smell the fresh dirt on the track :)) I have made all A's and 1 B so far on the tests, the averages should come out all A's. Then, when award's ceremony comes, I should get most paces completed, and hopefully highest average. We will see how the school year turns out though, when November gets here I will be in 11th grade :) Things are going great!

    Well, I'm going to get some rest, then go check on the horse! Y'all have a great night, comment if you want to say anything, do not be shy :)

Another day closer to being a jockey-Sept. 13, 2011
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Tags: experiences passion horse racing jockey work out love Michaela Heair horse life run

    First of all, boy am I sore! Mainly the arms and abs are tender this morning. It is 7:46 am here, I've been up since about 6 am, it doesn't hurt to get a little rest here and there lol :) Yesterday was all in all a GREAT day! I spent the evening at the gym, we had zumba, then I tried this new kickboxing class the gym just added. Atleast, it will help keep my muscles toned and in good shape, without exactly adding muscle weight. It was fun though, we were punching or kicking the whole class. I learned some new things,the knee kick and front kick. Who knows..it may come in handy some day lol! It will keep my legs strong for riding the thoroughbreds around the track, anything that will help I will do.

    Kickboxing is enjoyable though, ok so ENOUGH about kickboxing, how about horse racing this past weekend?? There were some good races, I particularly liked the Arlington-Washington Futurity won by Shared Property at the end. Take Charge Indy ran a good home stretch, but Shared Property had a lil bit of speed to spare at the wire. Both good horses, can't wait to see what there next move will be. The Breeders' Cup is getting closer! It will be a close call this year, there are some of the best horses in a while running. Hopefully we see Havre De Grace go to post in the Classic to take on the colts. Colt wise, Stay Thirsty and Uncle Mo are a couple contenders for the Classic, they will make a good run. Everyone knows Uncle Mo still has it all on the track, his heart has not let up one bit, which he proved in the Bishop. Don't mark out Ruler On Ice though! The Classic this year should be very interesting, in my opinion from the contenders it will be hard to choose a straight favorite. We will find out in time though! Also, some trainers that can kick some butt, too. Todd Pletcher, Charles Dickey, Bob Baffert, Donald Warren, Kelly Breen, all I can say is let the best one win, that's pretty much all you can say. The horses will prove it all on the track.

        Today shouldn't be a bad day, on the agenda for today is: babysit until 11:45 am, schoolwork, go get the horses back in our pasture at some point today, zumba and bootcamp at the gym tonight, stay a little later and work on some cardio, otherwise anything else that is thrown my way! Sounds like a good plan, huh? :)

Another day closer to being a jockey-Sept. 9, 2011
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Tags: experiences passion horse racing jockey work out love Michaela Heair horse life run

      Woooo, so all in all, the past couple of days has been kicking my butt! I'm finishing up my first quarter of sophomore year, will be halfway done by October 15! Come on, Michaela, you have exactly one year of school left, you CAN DO IT! I've been trying to get a little more rest than usual, this week has been hectic and busy. I have been to the gym every night this week, except tonight. I was actually taking a break from all this schoolwork to write this blog, and get all of y'all updated!

      I'm so excited, because when I graduate, I'm heading to Laurel Park to meet with a couple people and get some experience before applying for NARA. Hopefully, all will turn out right!That will really help a lot, and get my foot in with the right people, but as far as now I will just keep in touch with them and focus on staying in shape and getting this school done. High school diploma comes first, a long with doing my every day training! It isn't as hard as what I thought, because I love doing it so much, but I can't wait to get on the track routine every morning.

      Tomorrow I am taking a rest from school and going to spend the day with Mom (whom I haven't seen in about a month now), that will be great to see one of the top supporters on the list! There isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't call and see how her future jockey is doing. I think it is really just now hitting her about how dangerous the sport is, she is being just like any caring mom and asking about the basics of safety. Gotta love her for it though :) Dad is currently in the hospital (back surgery and dimensia) so he can't talk every day, but when he can it sure is a highlight of the day. He is the only other horse person in my direct family, so he is tons of support and help and advice. He has helped so much with my training and weight management, it is unreal! It's going to be hard to be at the track without him, but his love and advice will be on the back of the thoroughbred with me, past every marker pole.

     So I got to thinking, wasn't Tyler Kaplan the youngest student at NARA? He was 15 or 16 right?? If that's the case, then I will be the 2nd youngest student, if no one else gets there at 16 before me! :)) I have gained some muscle weight, so am currently 117, so that can't stay that way. I will come back down to about 110, especially before applying. There is still some time to get that off, can't be too strict right now. I am just focusing more on cardio and keeping my legs strong and in tip top shape. In just a couple months, I will get more in depth about shedding more fat off (there isn't much but enough to get rid of lol ) Well, I hear my que to come help with something! Y'all all have a fantastic weekend, make the best of it!


--Michaela Ann Heair

Another day closer to being a jockey-Sept. 4, 2011
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    My time is getting nearer and nearer by every second that passes. The chance to feel the dirt in my face, the horse power between my legs, and tremendous speed by the touch of a whip. Every day is a constant battle against getting to where I want to get. Being a jockey is one of the hardest obstacles to jump over, but a life long reward when earned. This is what I am chasing for, and it is happening.

   Week days I wake up at 3 a.m to do school work, then to be done by 6 a.m to go on a mile run. After the early morning workout, I come back home to eat breakfast (usually eggs, or some other protein filled food).

   After breakfast, I catch the races on TV, stay tuned in to hear any new breaking news in the racing industry. Every day is a learning experience on what I can do different and better, to prepare myself for this carreer. There is nothing I'd rather be spending my day doing. I continue doing schoolwork through out the day, then later on my job baby sitting. 5 hours a day I spend earning money to put back for NARA.

   By the time lunch comes, it is time to grab something light and healthy to eat, then take a nap. Usually, it is around an hour nap, just to wake and start things again.

  Throughout the day, I keep in touch with jockey agents, people in the industry that are willing to help me when the time comes. They all see promise in me, and give the best support that anyone could ask for!

   When the evening rolls around, it is time to hit up the gym. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays I attend a zumba class (1 hour long work out). Following the zumba class on Thursday is another hour class that focuses on strength in legs, arms, and abs. Out of the week, I usually take Fridays and Saturdays off from the gym, give my body a well deserved rest. 

   After the gym, I return home to ride the horses, then start more school work. The days are getting more hectic, as I am working harder and harder to become a jockey, it will become a reality because things are all falling into place now. All I need is patience to wait for God to tell me when the time is right, he will handle everything, as long as I keep my focus and heart for the well respected SPORT OF KINGS.

   Now that everyone knows my agenda for the day, y'all can join me on my journey to become a jockey, by tuning into my blog entries that are soon coming!

 Keep riding fast and safe! Everyone that has dreams of being a jockey, please don't give up. It is the best thing out there to do, I'm not even a jockey yet, and people recognize me for what I am working for. Don't take advantage of it though, treat the game right and it will treat you right. 

--Michaela Ann Heair

Happy Birthday, Native Dancer!
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Native Dancer played a fundamental part in the improvement of the Thoroughbred breed, and is also responsible for bringing many fans into horseracing, including myself.  Since I began researching this sport, Native Dancer was the first racehorse that sparked a great fire within me to learn more.  Though I have learned about so many incredible horses, Native Dancer holds a special place in my heart.  Not only is he the great-great grandsire of my beloved Polka, but also his accomplishments are among the most impressive.  Today marks sixty-one years since the birth of this racing icon, and I felt strongly about devoting an article to the Grey Ghost of Sagamore Farm.  The story I would like to share on this special day is unquestionably one of the greatest moments in all of horseracing…

The sun was setting in New York on a warm September evening in 1952.  Belmont Park’s grandstand had the capacity of 17,500, but on that Saturday, it flooded with over 40,000 spectators, waiting to get a look at The Dancer.  The jam-packed grandstand cast a shadow over the lengthy racecourse, notorious for being the largest in America. 

Thousands more tuned in on their black and white televisions to see this national star. They all wanted to see the sixth race on the card: the Futurity Stakes, for two year olds going 6 ½ furlongs on the Widener Straight that cut across the main track.  On an oval track, it is very clear to the riders where the ½ mile mark is, but on the Widener Straight it was much more difficult to determine, adding additional challenges for some jockeys, causing them to move their horses prematurely.

In the paddock area, masses of people rubbed elbows with one another, yelling out praise to the horse they had come to see.  Lines at betting windows weaved through the colossal crowd, knocking down Native Dancer’s odds to 7-20.  It did not stop people from purchasing these “keepsake” tickets that would only pay a meager thirty-five cents for each one dollar bet. 

Even fans watching The Dancer on their fuzzy televisions could spot him in a crowd with his bold white face and striking grey coat. His undefeated long legs made for an incomparable stride.   

Native Dancer, sandwiched between his grooms Harold Walker, and Les Murray, walked through the paddock. His owner, Alfred Vanderbilt, Jr.; trainer Bill Winfrey, and Eric Guerin, his jockey, watched the leading juvenile move past the crowds.  The additional horses in the field were scarcely given any acknowledgement, for they would act only as the background, like the trees or the grandstand.  These young colts were the strongest in the nation, but plenty had already fallen in defeat to The Dancer.  There was Tiger Skin, who was sired by champion sprinter Polynesian (also the sire of Native Dancer), and he went unvanquished until the Hopeful Stakes, where he endeavored to test The Dancer.  Little Request never challenged Native Dancer, for he was a Californian invader who was anticipated to make the pace.  Dark Star was an auspicious colt from the Cain Hoy Stable.  Tahitian King, another Polynesian two-year-old, was crushed by the big grey three times.

 After giving Guerin a leg up onto The Dancer, Winfrey contributed his only words of guidance, “Ride him with confidence.”

As horses loaded into their gates, the crowd buzzed excitedly, sending a roar into the air at the ring of the starting bell.  The crowd strained to listen to Fred Caposella’s call, anticipating any mention of The Dancer.  Little Request tore down the track, making a rushed pace of: 46 2/5 for the half, with the big grey colt settling in five lengths behind.

With ears pinned back and his enormous stride extending, Guerin loosened the reins to let The Dancer run for the lead.  At that precise moment, Eddie Arcaro on Tahitian King shot to the lead through a hole on the rail.  His mount was so powerful that the crowd screamed in surprise. 

Little Request was losing steam in front of The Dancer, and also being trapped with horses on both sides, Guerin was well aware of the difficult position, and that he would have to respond promptly.  But fortunately, Guerin had the coolest head on the racing circuit.  Little Request began to drift to the right, giving The Dancer the opportunity to stretch those legs.

Guerin yelled to the colt to “move on”.  This was the moment the race entered another dimension.  Tahitian King looked as though he was comfortably pulling ahead for the win, and two-time Triple Crown winning jockey, Arcaro, had the race in hand. Without Guerin even tapping Native Dancer’s shoulder, his mount went from a reserved fourth position to first in just five astounding strides. Tahitian King and his legendary rider just became background.  The Dancer crossed the finish line 2 ½ lengths ahead of Tahitian King who finished nine lengths ahead of the rest.  Later, spectators said The Dancer’s stride was so commanding they could see the bottom of his hooves midstride.  

It was a true “shock and awe” moment for the crowds as they cheered The Dancer as he was led into the winner’s circle for the seventh time.  Energizing the crowd even more was when they saw the winning time: 1:14 2/5-equalling the world record set fifteen years earlier by Porter’s Mile, who was carrying three pounds less.  Guerin was emotional after the landslide triumph, “I’m sure he would have broken the record if we hadn’t been fighting the headwind the whole way.” He told the reporters. “I don’t believe I have ever ridden a better horse.”

Arcaro, shaking his head, was swarmed by reporters afterward, “I thought I had it won until that grey horse just smothered us.”


On my blog, I will be starting a series on Native Dancer.  Some stories will be about his life as a horse, while others will be about his professional career as an athlete. I think it is very important to educate the new generation of horseracing enthusiasts on Native Dancer, because he was such an influential horse both on the track and as a stud.

You can read my blog, Bits N' Bunny, at:  http://bitsnbunny.blogspot.com/


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