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I thought I bought a racehorse...
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It has been awhile since I have blogged with studying,and working "Princess Storm" giving lessons ...well you get it. Some time ago I thought I bought a racehorse...only to discover I think she bought me hook line and sinker! The thoroughbred filly that owns me lets me know on an hourly basis just how inept I am. She makes sure I get up early  freeze my butt off and tote hot water down the stairs to warm her breakfast, then she allows me to groom her....maybe ..maybe not,  she tells me when the jockey is here and that she much prefers him to me and then she might allow me to eat breakfast while she is eating lunch. I learned this because as the other day she began screaming as loud as she could and I jumped to her call "oh crap " I said to myself "it must be noon" well actually it was 12:09! I was late!!. My boss (princess storm) then informed me that I had slighted her some grain as I am just looking out for her figure and cut a portion of her feed down... oh no no no we can not have that so she proceeded to circle her stall and bite her bucket refusing to eat hay until her full portion was replaced!!! I'm not making this stuff up!! so I now  have to be much more sly about portion control. It's a joke in the barn if I am spending too much time somewhere else in the barn and she hears my voice she starts screaming!!! they all laugh and say" the boss is calling you" this is expressed in many languages other than english , yes I am an international joke of the racing world.  My  girl will scream when it is time to go out or time to come in on her day off and God forbid I let her stay out in her pasture to close to dinner time on her off days!!!! ohhhh nooo , I not only get chastised for that , but she will try to out muscle me  which is quite hilarious to everyone but me.

But really I adore her, we have come along long way, when she gets freaked out, it is me she trusts. She can be a handful, but she is so awsome to watch on the track, she is big and gorgeous and athletic and fast! I adore this nutball thoroughbred she has had my heart since the very minute I layed eyes on her...I thought I bought a racehorse, but I really bought the greatest most fantastic expensive time consuming back breaking all encompassing job  that I dreamed about my whole life... and I LOVE EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT!!!!!   kiss kiss love love to my Princess Storm


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