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Another day closer to being a jockey-Sept. 13, 2011
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    First of all, boy am I sore! Mainly the arms and abs are tender this morning. It is 7:46 am here, I've been up since about 6 am, it doesn't hurt to get a little rest here and there lol :) Yesterday was all in all a GREAT day! I spent the evening at the gym, we had zumba, then I tried this new kickboxing class the gym just added. Atleast, it will help keep my muscles toned and in good shape, without exactly adding muscle weight. It was fun though, we were punching or kicking the whole class. I learned some new things,the knee kick and front kick. Who may come in handy some day lol! It will keep my legs strong for riding the thoroughbreds around the track, anything that will help I will do.

    Kickboxing is enjoyable though, ok so ENOUGH about kickboxing, how about horse racing this past weekend?? There were some good races, I particularly liked the Arlington-Washington Futurity won by Shared Property at the end. Take Charge Indy ran a good home stretch, but Shared Property had a lil bit of speed to spare at the wire. Both good horses, can't wait to see what there next move will be. The Breeders' Cup is getting closer! It will be a close call this year, there are some of the best horses in a while running. Hopefully we see Havre De Grace go to post in the Classic to take on the colts. Colt wise, Stay Thirsty and Uncle Mo are a couple contenders for the Classic, they will make a good run. Everyone knows Uncle Mo still has it all on the track, his heart has not let up one bit, which he proved in the Bishop. Don't mark out Ruler On Ice though! The Classic this year should be very interesting, in my opinion from the contenders it will be hard to choose a straight favorite. We will find out in time though! Also, some trainers that can kick some butt, too. Todd Pletcher, Charles Dickey, Bob Baffert, Donald Warren, Kelly Breen, all I can say is let the best one win, that's pretty much all you can say. The horses will prove it all on the track.

        Today shouldn't be a bad day, on the agenda for today is: babysit until 11:45 am, schoolwork, go get the horses back in our pasture at some point today, zumba and bootcamp at the gym tonight, stay a little later and work on some cardio, otherwise anything else that is thrown my way! Sounds like a good plan, huh? :)

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