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After spending my weekend with my horses, I finally have some time to sit down and type out another blog entry. (At last!) Yesterday I rode Adam through the trail in the pasture woods. We worked on stepping over obstacles such as stacked branches and poles first, then popped over small jumps after that. I couldn't believe how well we worked! Eventually I hope to train him to jump through the trail at a gallop just like a steeplechase. :) 

When not riding I continue to exercise -running and some weight lifting. Currently my weight sits just right (approx. 107.5-109) and is expected to decline to 105.5 once track season starts in the spring. Then I will have a better opportunity to work out and performance in track meets will motivate me even more. In addition I am trying to eat more greens in my diet starting with lettuce. I feel this is difficult for me because while growing up I never liked to eat fruits or vegetables (except for corn and potatoes). Fortunately I can tolerate apples and lettuce, so at least I have a starting point. If anyone has any tips on this I would appreciate them! 


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