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Whatch out world ...Here we come!
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I have been dreaming this dream for as long as I can remember, every time someone would ask me "what is your dream job" or "what would you do if you won the lotto" it was always the same thing "I would have a stable of racehorses". Well after 27 years as a critical care paramedic a great BIG case of burn out and figuring out you have to actually play the lotto to win...I decided  IT IS TIME.  So I bought a race horse.

Now I am not new to racing,my Father was trainer. I grew up around the horses and the track. Being a kid I was more interested in riding my own horses,but really LOVED racing. I remember getting so excited watching them turn the  corner to the straightaway feeling the pounding under your feet, while everyone else was up in the stands or the box I would position myself right down at the perfect spot where when the horses come around that 2nd turn for a split second it looks as if they are running right at you...FANTASTIC!!

So I grow up my parents MADE me go to College I made a career for myself I was the second female paramedic in Texas at that time, it  wasn't easy and the men did NOT want me there, but all it did was make me even more determined. As I climbed the ranks I found that because I was smart, strong and fair that I was more than just accepted I was respected.

I built a life raised my daughter ,and the whole time in that quiet place in your mind where you hide your real dreams, I just kept thinking and dreaming about being a trainer...but ...that only happens to other people ...right?  With daughter in college,married and on her own...NOW is my time. So here I am living at a training barn,in a studio apt. in the barn.  The men disrespect me pretty much every day,sometimes multiple times. I have learned alot...I have learned alot about what I will never do. They think they will chase me away...but they have no idea anything they can dish has already been done to me so I'm always furlongs ahead!! HA HA HA.

As I look at the JW camp pictures I see I am in good company, I may not be a jockey but some day ladies I hope each and every one of you gets to ride and win on my horses. I dream that we will all be up there getting great big fat checks, and plenty of eclipse awards!!! Hey I always say DREAM BIG OR DON'T BOTHER!!  I am so excited to finally be making my biggest dream come true!  and can not imagine doing anything, anything else in the world. I love these animals I love this sport I love the way science mixes with old school to make an absolute athlete. I love the way women are finally really stepping up more than ever to make their mark on the sport of kings!  yea!!! WHATCH OUT WORLD HERE WE COME!!! I hope to meet each and every one of you at the track!!!




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